Helium Compressor Skids

PHPK Technologies has vast experience with designing and manufacturing custom small to large-scale helium compressor skids. From start to finish, we remain flexible during all aspects of your project.

CHL-II: The 4.5K Helium Compressor System consisted of five compressor skids with three different designs, where gaseous helium and oil are cooled in stages to the required operational parameters. There are three Low Pressure (LP); one Medium Pressure (MP); and one High Pressure (HP) compressor skid. Each LP compressor required a 800 HP motor to provide 310 grams/sec discharge flow. The MP compressor required a 800HP motor to provide 550 grams/sec discharge flow. The HP compressor required a 2,500 HP to provide 1,350 grams/sec discharge flow. The discharge flow of the LP compressors goes into a common manifold which in turn becomes the suction line for the MP compressor skid. The MP compressor also discharges into a manifold which becomes the suction line for the HP compressor. Oil circulation and injection systems, controls, and safety protection are contained on each compressor skid.

The controls and instrumentation, which included safety interlocks, were designed by PHPK for operation from the local control panel or remotely from the customer’s Gas Management System (GMS). Although an oil removal system was self contained on a separate skid, final oil removal was necessary since the discharge helium of the compressors is used in a cryogenic cold box application. PHPK provided the required testing of the components during the fabrication process, including leak testing, pressure testing, and applicable inspections. In addition, PHPK participated in final acceptance testing in the field once these compressor skids were installed and ready for operation.

This project illustrates the PHPK Systems Engineering approach to covering all aspects of the program’s performance requirements in the areas of helium compressors, helium tight pressure vessels, controls, engineering, design and fabrication. It proves our ability to remain flexible and deliver a helium compressor system that meets all the customer’s requirements, including cost and schedule, even if outside events force changes on the program. PHPK is routinely asked to build unique systems for the special needs of National Laboratories and Private Industry throughout the country.

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