PHPK Technologies

PHPK is a major supplier of cryogenic and high vacuum equipment to the global market. Our engineering and fabrication services, combined with our complete line of cryogenic components, vacuum jacketed piping, and the CVI Torr MasterĀ® Cryopump product line provides you with unmatched capabilities. PHPK manufactures cryogenic globe valves, bayonets, seal off valves and other components required for cryogenic and vacuum service that are the industry standard for reliability and ease of integration.

For large turnkey applications, space simulation chambers, cryostats, cold boxes, high vacuum chambers, helium refrigeration systems, subcoolers and compressors, PHPK is your one source.

Our experience in liquid helium, nitrogen, natural gas, oxygen, hydrogen, and other cryogen transfer lends years of experience to designing and building vacuum jacketed piping for many applications. Ranging from launch umbilicals to cross country piping, PHPK has designed and built vacuum jacketed products for a diverse customer base.