Machine Shop Facility

Mid-Ohio Products, Incorporated is extensively used by PHPK for all machine shop work within the capabilities of the company. PHPK Technologies has vertically integrated its machining operations by forming a strategic partnership with Mid-Ohio Products, thereby expanding our machining capabilities, expertise and volume. This relationship has also increased our capacity for product design and development, increased project economy and reduced lead times. Since both Mid-Ohio Products and PHPK Technologies have the same owner, they are sister companies that complement each other very well throughout all types of products. Mid-Ohio services are widely used by PHPK for the cryogenic standard product line to the machined flanges for process systems and vacuum chambers.

Since 1985 Mid-Ohio Products has been serving central Ohio, and has grown into the largest machine shop in the area with a manufacturing area of 30,000 square feet. Although PHPK work is a significant portion of the Mid-Ohio production, the machine shop is open to all customers with machining or carbon steel frame building needs. A portion of the building is used for welding carbon steel machine frames for various customers. Much of PHPK’s carbon steel welding work is completed in this shop thus allowing PHPK to maintain a very clean shop environment for the assembly of contaminant sensitive equipment and stainless steel fabrication.

This facility has grit blast equipment for metal surface preparation prior to painting and also a paint booth to complete the coating operation. Covered bed service for moving parts between PHPK and Mid-Ohio is performed with Mid-Ohio’s own trucks. Visit Mid-Ohio Products for a complete list of manufacturing capabilities.