Space Simulation Chambers

Space Simulation Chamber

PHPK Technologies designed, fabricated, integrated, and validated this large space simulation chamber (right) starting with conceptual drawings and working through all developmental phases with our customer. This demonstrates our ability to remain fluid throughout the design process and deliver a space simulation chamber that met all customer requirements and program expectations. It further shows the diversity and magnitude of the projects we are involved with – in the areas of vacuum pumping, thermal loads, and high vacuum chambers.

The scope of the project was to design and fabricate a 14 ft internal diameter by 33.5 ft long space simulation chamber. The chamber was constructed with 38 ports for integrating PHPK’s CVI TorrMaster internal cryopumping system with an operational speed of more than 2 million L/s. The 120 cubic meter chamber will test Ad Astra’s 200 kW VX-200 VASMIR plasma rocket thrusters for space operations and transport. One design opportunity was to size the space simulation chamber large enough so the magnetic field would contain the plasma (otherwise it would melt the stainless steel), but still be transportable by commercial truck. This chamber can achieve an ultimate vacuum of 1×10-8 Torr.

This project proves PHPK Technology’s capability to design and build world-class space simulation chambers. Contact us today for more information.

Chamber on a crane