PHPK’s comprehensive approach to covering all aspects of a LN2 Subcooler’s performance requirements, in the areas of engineering, design, and fabrication, proves our ability to solve problems and provide solutions in a timely manner. Additionally, we ensure that a project’s cost and schedule are maintained. This displays the creative approach PHPK uses to solve unique problems, including support of the project’s team to allow system integration into multifaceted processes.

PCCS: The HTS Power Cable Cryogenic System (PCCS), for use in High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) research, provided the necessary cryogenic cooling for high voltage research on different HTS wire compositions and splice techniques. We used an existing design from our 1999 Southwire project (3000W design capacity), which we modified to increase the capacity to 5000W. Primarily, this was done by adding more coils to the heat exchanger and increasing the length of the vessel that contains it. The LN2 Subcooler System contained the following ASME coded vessels: Heat Exchanger Vessel; Ballast Tanks (two); Feed Separator and Phase Separator. The Phase Separator is used to separate boil off gas from the liquid during start up of the liquid nitrogen pumps, at 310 psi, and it holds 103 gallons. The PCCS has a complete PLC control system with touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI), full safety interlocks, and communications for remote control.

CSSA: PHPK successfully designed, fabricated, integrated, and validated this LN2 Subcooler based on a process and list of requirements from our customer. The Cryogenic Skidded System Assembly (CSSA), was used in a High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) demonstration project to prove the practical uses for HTS. It provided 7,500W of cryogenic cooling for a HTS 3 phase electrical cable (within a single cryostat) that is installed in a 13,600V, 3,000 amp electrical sub-station in Columbus, Ohio.

For custom cryogenic subcooler systems, PHPK brings the right blend of engineering capability, project flexibility, and manufacturing experience. Contact us today for more information about our cryogenic subcooler manufacturing capabilities.