Thermal Conditioning Units

PHPK offers a wide range of TCUs which are predominately used for circulating gaseous nitrogen in vacuum chamber shrouds, cold plates, and panels as well as other applications requiring accurate temperature control. These units will heat, cool, and maintain constant temperatures as selected by the operator with the “user friendly” PLC control system throughout an operating range of -I80°C to +I50°C These units can ordered to operate on 480V, 240V, or 208V, 3 phase power.

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Features Inlcude

  • PLC color touch screen controls with P & I display. Temperature profiles are accommodated as well as supervisory control and data acquisition, (SCADA).
  • Safety interlocks integral to the control system
  • Standard Allen Bradley electrical hardware
  • Variable Frequency Drive to control blower speed
  • Process flow meter is set to match the flow
  • Phase separated LN2 injection system. Injector nozzle can be changed to meet specific thermal requirements and LN2 supply conditions.
  • Flow meter to ensure that flow is set to match the load
  • Efficient impeller to allow low speed, quiet operation
  • Heater sized specifically for customer’s application, extended terminal box to eliminate frost /ice on heater terminals
  • Welded stainless steel construction of piping system
  • Removable panels for convenient and quick access to components without removing interconnecting process piping
  • Nitrogen purged and pressurized piping enclosure
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