Couplings / Bayonets

PHPK cryogenic couplings (bayonets), from 1/2″ OD to 14″ NPS, have been engineered and designed to provide the most reliable connection available for vacuum-jacketed piping systems. These couplings have been carefully manufactured from 304/304L-grade stainless steel with special design considerations to eliminate sweating and frost. All of PHPK’s cryogenic bayonets have been computer analyzed to meet the ASME B31.3 piping code requirements.

All of our cryogenic couplings are provided with extended length for low heat leak and all males are available plated with a licensed, patented, PHPK-specified, anti-galling coating. These couplings will perform above and beyond any customer expectations. The PHPK cryogenic bayonet design eliminates cavities, such as socket welds, which trap contaminants. This feature is especially important for use in oxygen systems. All PHPK cryogenic bayonets can be provided with either V-band clamps (quick connections) or bolted flanges.

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