GN2 Vent Devices

GN2 Vent Devices, also known as keep-fulls, are manufactured by PHPK to provide a safe and reliable nitrogen vent system to vent trapped gas pockets and provide steady liquid flow to end use applications. Utilizing all stainless steel construction, these devices are suitable for outdoor use as well as being safe in all indoor conditions.

Vent devices are typically installed in high points on vacuum jacketed piping to prevent thermo-acoustic oscillations, and increase the quality of liquid supplied to items such as cryogenic pumps, dewars, flooded shrouds and shields, and other applications.

Options available for these items include various end connections, heaters to increase gas exit temperature and combat icing issues in cold weather, and custom inlet and exit configurations. Bayonets, flanges, and pipe stub ends are available for mating and can be specified.