The PHPK manufactured CVI-CBST3.0 and 6.0 Scroll Compressors compliment the Cryopump and Cryocooler products we offer while providing the added advantages of lower noise and vibration level, higher efficiency, and unsurpassed reliability.

The CVI compressors are designed and built around a scroll compressor that was developed exclusively for use with helium gas, unlike other compressors available.

PHPK offers a full line of the CVI model CBST compressors, available in either water cooled or air cooled, with a full selection of voltages to choose from.


InstrumentationFront display high pressure gauge
Front display low pressure gauge
Front display hour meter
Interlock FunctionsCompressor over-temperature sensor
Helium under-pressure sensor
Status LightsFront display POWER ON
Front display RUN
CompressorScroll type for Helium service
Sealed motor
Oil lubricated and cooled
CBST 3.0 Air-Cooled
CBST 3.0 Air-Cooled Info
CBST 3.0 Water Cooled
CBST 3.0 Water-Cooled Info
CBST 6.0 Air-Cooled
CBST 6.0 Air-Cooled Info
CBST 6.0 Water-Cooled
CBST 6.0 Water-Cooled Info