PHPK Technologies offers the CVI-CGR line of Cryocoolers in one and two-stage configurations for useful refrigeration at 77K and 20K temperature levels dependent on application.

These units are based on the proven Gifford-McMahon cycle, easily field serviceable, and designed for uses in HTS testing, thermal radiation shield cooling, low temperature cryostats, LN2 generators, and numerous other applications.

A typical system consists of the CGR cryocooler, CBST compressor, two 10′ flexible gas lines, 10′ expander power cord, manual, and tool kit. Temperature monitoring and control equipment are available as accessories.

Based on careful attention to industry needs, the CVI-CGR line of cryocoolers combine the best concepts of previous closed cycle refrigerators with new features which meet the tough requirements of today’s applications.

Dependability and extended service intervals are assured becuase of fewer moving parts. Displacer motion and valve timing are positive. Demonstrated results include higher capacities and faster cooldown times.

We welcome the opportunity to meet your most demanding cryogenic refrigeration requirements.


  • Positively driven displacers, factory set vavle timing (not adjustable)
  • Field proven G-M refrigerator
  • Variety of wattages available
  • More watts/input power than comparable units


  • 20,000 hour maintenance interval
  • 9,500 compressor adsorber life
  • 24 hours, 365 days/year service

Custom Systems

  • Operation in any orientation
  • Easily adapted to a variety of mounting configurations
  • One and Two-Stage models
  • Attachment of test articles to all or only one of the stages
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